Design - Plantscapes

Plant Selection
Plant selection is the key to any Reliable Plant Service design. Our team selects the highest quality foliage, orchids, and blooming plants available from our nationwide network of growers. The strong, healthy plants will be suitably acclimated and prepped for their new location. Reliable Plant Service seeks to identify exciting new or uncommon plant types that deliver a fresh feel.

Seasonal Blooming Plants and Color Rotation
Healthy blooming plants and orchids are ideal for any high profile area or those frequented by guests and visitors. Keeping an area fresh and inviting can easily be achieved through the use of changing colors and quarterly replanting. Florals are chosen with an eye to the season and to support the surrounding decor.

Specimen Plants and Exotics
These types of plants are a unique way to add to a present plant layout or to start a new one. Specimen plants create a strong presence having taken years of growth and care to develop into extraordinary representatives of their species.  

We work with many specialized nurseries to locate these beautiful plants and bring them to you to add drama and beauty to your environment.

Healthy Environment with Plants
According to the American Lung Association, the quality of some indoor air is far worse than some “polluted” outdoor levels.

Reliable Plant Service specifically designs your plantscapes to keep indoor air cool and fresh using designated plant varieties and proper placement. This has been proven to absorb toxins and gases in the air of building and homes - espeically any which utilize computers, central air, carpeting and other common elements. There is no reason to have a “sick” building!

NASA research sows that, in general, the number and size of plants in a room increases the amount of air purified.  NASA research has also proven plants provide mental health benefits which lead to decreased absenteeism and increased productivity.

Additional studies indicate that commonly used indoor flowering plants can reduce levels of potential cancer-causing substances up to 70% in 24 hours.